SPT Services

We have 25,000 square feet dedicated exclusively to prepress and plating services for flexographic, lithographic and screen printing. Our services... + continue reading

Flexography is the most versatile, flexible and fastest growing conventional printing technology in the industry. This printing process, whose... + continue reading

Science, technology, and art. Packaging is when these three studies blend together to create a marketing masterpiece. That’s why, at SPT, we love... + continue reading

Our packaging engineers are highly regarded in the industry as experts in flexible packaging and pre-made pouches, and they have been invited to... + continue reading

SPT carries certificates from DNV-GL and Graphic Measures International. Both require SPT to achieve specified standards in the food and flexible... + continue reading

SPT provides the complete spectrum of services to package your product, from the initial prototype stages when a model example is rendered, to the... + continue reading