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ur packaging engineers are highly regarded in the industry as experts in flexible packaging and pre-made pouches, and they have been invited to speak as pouch experts at several industry conferences. Leading brands have worked with our packaging engineers to make the leap to stand-up pouches, utilizing our pouch prototyping and testing services.

SPT has developed a test method for testing the correct adhesion of one and two way valves. This one of a kind test was developed to insure valves could not fall off and contaminate product.

A wide array of testing services are available, also including:

  • Product compatibility testing – testing to determine which flexible packaging laminations are most resistant to chemical degradation or physical change caused from interaction with the product.
  • Compression testing – subjecting pouches to various air pressure forces for varying lengths of time.
  • Interlayer adhesion testing – verifying that the layers of the packaging film structure meet the required bond level for each application.
  • Seal testing – testing for fusion seals that bond the plastics in the flexible packaging material together on a molecular level, the same way that the plastics in a rigid container are formed.
  • Puncture resistance testing – Using ASTM testing standards, analyzing how much pressure is required to puncture the flexible packaging material.
  • Pour testing – testing for a clean and controlled pour.
  • Tensile testing – sealing the flexible packaging film to itself and testing the amount of force required for the seal to break.
  • Vacuum testing – submitting pouches to the equivalent of 1 atmosphere of external vacuum pressure to ensure that they are hermetically sealed.
  • Burst testing – exposing pouches to internal pressure until they burst to verify the strength of the seals.
  • Drop testing – testing the height from which the pouch can be dropped without failing.

We’ve developed pouches with excellent seal strength and high-performance barrier properties that withstand rigorous burst testing and drop testing.